Project Approach and Accomplishments

Project Approach

The aim of the project is to conduct a needs assessment to select priority regional-level research needs, develop a draft research plan, solicit public input on the draft research plan, and develop support for implementation of the final plan.  

To be effective, the operational structure of this effort needs to accommodate the diverse set of challenges that characterize the landscape, ecology, and socio-economic setting of the Mid-Atlantic region. The wide range of coastal environments in this region are matched with an equally diverse set of anthropogenic influences and highly invested stakeholders.  Many of these stakeholders possess resources and capacity to either engage in or conduct research relevant to the conservation and management of coastal and ocean resources and habitats.  These stakeholders extend from federal, state, and regional entities to academic, non-governmental, and industry organizations. Therefore, the number and diversity of entities that hold an interest in defining research priorities is large. This suggests the importance of an approach that relies upon significant stakeholder involvement and synthesis of articulated needs and concerns throughout the region.


Project Accomplishments

Mid-Atlantic Project Information Flyer (PDF)

Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Research Plan (PDF)

Towards a Mid-Atlantic Ocean Research Plan: Stakeholder Consultation Workshop Summary (PDF)

Development of an Ocean Research Plan for the Mid-Atlantic Region: A Technical Report (PDF)

Plan of Work (PDF)


Other Information Documents



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