The development of a Delaware estuary regional sediment management plan and beneficial use of dredged material program: A strategic plan

By mbalgos - Posted on 10 September 2010

New Jersey Department of Natural Resources
Document Type: 
Government Agency Report
Geographic Scope: 
New Jersey
Major Topic: 
Ecosystem Structure and Function

Heavy use of the environmentally sensitive Delaware Estuary by both commercial and recreational users gives rise to the need for a management program safeguarding its ecosystems. Such a program would entail assembling a team of experts to address the management of the Estuary’s sediment resources. This strategic plan lays the groundwork towards fulfilling the long term goal of implementing a Regional Sediment Management Plan in New Jersey. This Strategic Plan outlines the long-term goals of the effort, including bringing together a diversified Regional Dredging Team to formulate regionally acceptable solutions dredged material management challenges, implementing and managing a long-term sustainable RSMP, and developing administrative, economic and logistical infrastructure to support the beneficial use of dredged material.

NOAA Center for Marine Policy